Let's Look At Some Bangkok Apartments Where You Can Enjoy Staying Comfortably

I would like to introduce to you a first class type of Bangkok apartments, a serviced apartment.

Although, I have mentioned to you already in the Bangkok neighborhoods sections (I-XIV) where potential suitable apartments are.

So, please take few minutes to glance through the Bangkok neighborhoods sections first, especially the ones you are aiming at.

First class serviced apartments in Bangkok are very convenient for you if you are going to be here for a few months. You will experience a home a way from home environment. It is like staying in a fine apartment in major cities with most hotel services.

So do check out these selected Bangkok Serviced Apartments , which I have visited and was quite satisfied with most of their locations.

Some High Price Apartments

Do check out Soi Ruamrudee Main Apartment . You can't go wrong here.

Some Mid Price Apartments

Let’s look at some mid price apartments (20,000-50,000 Baht). There are some nice places at a reasonable price; albeit not going to be in the same league as the first class services apartments presented above, but can be close enough.

The first mid price apartment I would like to suggest is the Soi Tonson Mid Price Apartment . Now you can walk over to Soi Langsuan and take a look at Langsuan mid price apartments . Then, there is an apartment complex worth considering at Sukhumvit 63 Soi 2 Apartment . Next, we just have a new apartment building opened, at Sukhumvit 14 Apartment .

Some Promotional Apartments

From time to time you do get a promotional package for an apartment. Take a look at Sukhumvit 4 Apartment 

Some Below Mid Price Apartments

Next, you may want to look at some Rachadaphisek-Rama IX Below Mid Price Apartments .

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