Bangkok Soi Ekamai Condos Are Comfortable And Large To Very Large (450 square meters)

Oriental Tower-Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai) Soi 12

This Bangkok Soi Ekamai Condos is a bit at the edge of the Neighborhood VI, and it is a bit far from the subway. However, it is an option for somebody who needs a large space, 450 sq. meter, 4-bedrooms and 4-baths with a nice study.

This condo, the Oriental Tower is in Ekamai Soi 12 (off of Sukhumvit 63). The Soi is narrow and not suitable for walking. I expect somebody who is interested in this condo to have a car or does not mind using taxi.

The main entrance is not exactly inviting, but as you go around the back, the lobby is more friendly. Then as you go up the elevator to the unit, you are greeted with a small waiting area right in front of the elevator.

As you opened the main entrance door, you step into a very large living room which is well furnished and decorated.

Right next to the left of the living room, you have a family room, something like a second living room which is well furnished. This is good for giving a large party.

Right next to this room, you have a nice size balcony, where you can sit around having breakfast.

Then you can browse through the large bedrooms. Each of these bedrooms has a bathroom right next to it, a very convenient location. There are plenty of mirrored closet spaces.

The dining room is right next to the living room. You have a large size dining table set here.

Next, you have a large size kitchen equipped with all amenities. Then in the back you have a nice size storage and a servant quarter.

So if you like this place, you are going to need a servant to help keep the place in a tip-top shape.

There is a nice size swimming pool on the sixth floor, as well as a small playground. So you can really enjoy cooling down here.

The rental price for this condo is 120,000 baht per month (price may change at any time without notice).

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